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Spring Tweening
April 27, 2009
Just a couple more to close out the day. . . I've only had a chance to peek into the session with "E" and "D" yesterday, but I HAD to get these shots out of the camera and in front of your eyes.  Are these not the two most gorgeous tweens you've ever seen?  Look at them both -- I mean really!  I absolutely LOVE working with this age group -- such a different approach from working with the little ones (who I equally adore) -- easy to communicate with and lots of opportunities to experiment.  We squeaked our session in between thunderstorms in Southeast Michigan yesterday.  Literally, the minute we drove away the rain poured down.  And it only took 6 months for us to find a date that worked!  OK, there will definitely be more of these two comin' up, so don't wander off too far . . .

Back In Business & Blog-O-Rama
April 1, 2009
Oops!  Thanks for all of your e-mails (which just came through at about 10:00 this morning) letting me know my site was down.  I totally forgot to renew the domain (((blush))).  Not a big deal in and of itself, but considering I spent years as a web developer before becoming a children's photographer, you'd think I'd know [and do] better.  Out of sight, out of mind, huh?

We managed to dodge the storms all weekend and I got some great shooting in (check back later for those blog shots).  For now, I'm catching up on the remaining photos from the most recent Urban Kids photography session in Birmingham that should have gone up over the weekend.  I'll be in touch with clients later today with info. on accessing your galleries.  :)

Changin' It Up A Bit (B&W Conversion)
April 24, 2009
I've become known for my warm, popping color.  Often during a sales consultation, people will even tell me, "I usually buy lots of black and white . . . but I just LOVE your colors!"  Well, here's a little secret (especially for you photographers):  this ISN'T a black & white.  That's right, this is NOT a black & white photo.  Not entirely at least.  The key to puncy and contrasty black & whites is to leave a hint of color.  This shot was processed as I would normally do, but with a "colorize" filter with -97 saturation on it.  That's what gives the image a bit of punch and depth.  Simply converting mode to B&W, desaturating, or channel mixing often looks flat, muddy, and cold.  I like a warmer shot.  So while clients may be looking for a change, I'm still doing the same old thing . . . well, kinda.
Two Beauties (Totally Worth the Wait)
April 23, 2009
These two kids are GORGEOUS and the short wait to work with them on Saturday was SOOOO totally worth it.  This was "P's" shoot to celebrate her first birthday but "B" and I snapped some shots as "P" was "warming up."  Look at these eyes . . . GUSH!  Have I mentioned how lucky I am to do what I do for a living?  Can you believe I get PAID to do this?  Thank you "C" and "K" -- the privilege is all mine ;)

Ahead of the Pack
April 23, 2009
I'm a pretty methodical, organized person.  I have a "system" for everything and everything has its place.  When I'm working on a session, I usually go through and evaluate each image one by one, then go back a few times to cull down the number of shots I need.  I then post-process each one in order from start to finish. Occasionally, there are images that jump out ahead of the pack.  These are the natural gems.  Bright colors.  Crisp eyes.  Great catchlights.  Cute kid.  Natural expression. Everything just works.  Allowing myself to jump in and polish them up out of turn is one of my little ways of "rewarding" myself -- it's what keeps me jazzed.

This guy is the brother of my Laplander friend (see below).  Wait for more of him and his little sister, plus many more from sessions from the same day.

Love This Little Guy
April 20, 2009
I really liked this little guy and absolutely love the way his shots came out.  Hope mom will feel the same way when she sees the rest :)  Just such a soft, relaxed, and honest little expression.  And I LOVE the bright brown eyes.  He reminds me of a warm, summer evening (even though these were shot on a cool, spring morn).  

More Matilda Janes
April 20, 2009
Many of my clients love Matilda Jane and I love it too (too bad Denise doesn't make more for boys, I'm sure I would blow a small fortune).  The clothing is so colorful and contrasty -- always fun to photograph.  This little princess looks like something straight outta the '20.  To say she is a bundle of energy would be an understatement.  She definitely kept me on my toes.  Check out the beautiful blues on this precious little one.  What a cutie :)  More to come . . .

Lovin' the Laplander Look
April 18, 2009
In case you didn't know, the Laplander Look is hot this year.  Just joking . . . mom knew I flipped out with all this color (salivate . . . salivate) . . . this the perfect example of WHAT TO WEAR for a CHILDREN'S PHOTOGRAPHY photo shoot.  Every single client asks the question "What do we wear?" and I always respond with "COLOR and CONTRAST."  The colors are especially perfect for this little fair-haired lass -- we need some POP for this little blond hair and blue-eyed.   Way to go, mom!

We could not have asked for a more perfect day in Southeast Michigan for the second metro Detroit Urban Kids session.   I had a bunch of GREAT kids (and equally cool parents).   Thank you all for coming out -- I know some of you drove from more than an hour and a half away -- I'm very flattered.   I'll be posting more as the week goes along, so be sure to check back.

Also I've been working on a very exciting travel project for later this year and can't wait to make the announcement.   I just have to speak first with a few clients (who have ALREADY BOOKED for October and November!) and then I'll fill you in.  Stay close to find out where in the world I'll be going and what I'll be doing later this year.

ATTENTION:   We're completely BOOKED for weekend sessions in April and May.  The next metro Detroit Urban Kids session (in Howell on June 11) is SOLD OUT.  There is a small waiting list for the Howell session.  With the break in the weather, things are definitely heating up around here.  Call now if you're thinking about a June session or are able to do a weekday (Mondays or Fridays).

Mean, Green Shark-Toting Machine
April 5, 2009
Don't be fooled by that sweet expression, "R" swims with the sharks!  He came equipped with lots of fun toys, including his little shark and mom slipped the shark in my pocket (along with some other magical treats) so that I could make a new friend.  Love "R's" big brown eyes.  Thanks for playing with me! 

Little Miss Sunshine
April 5, 2009

Could little "G" BE more precious in her little sunshine-yellow sundress? Yes, she is little "D's" sister -- what a beautiful pair of children.  (Lucky photographer!)  What a cutie she is and what fun I had working with her!


GQ "D"
April 4, 2009

Little "D" is all dressed up and ready for prime time.  Check out those looks and all that color.  I love the green and orange and plaid hat together.  GQ all the way :)


Trickle UP Effect
April 3, 2009

As in the images are trickling up to the web.  Many more Birmingham Urban Kids shots to come . . .

Also, I was really touched by the e-mail I received from a wonderful client, M, the other day.  The money is what keeps the business running, but comments like these are what keep my heart in the game.  Thanks for sharing this, M!

"We went up to my sister-in-law's this weekend and they had a photo shoot scheduled for all the kids.  I have to say that the photographer ([this city's] leading photographer) was very rude and controlling.  My husband and I kept "winking" at each other knowing how lucky we are to have found you to take "R's" photos.  We are GREATLY looking forward to his Urban Kids session in June . . . and many more after that!!!  Also, get ready for more business as we are expecting #2 in September!!"


Hats Off (Birmingham Children's Photographer)
April 2, 2009

I'm so excited to launch the first shot from the 2009 Urban Kids Photography Tour!  This session took place in Birmingham, Michigan with a bunch of truly GORGEOUS kiddos last Saturday.  Hats off to "I's" mom!  She came armed with no less than 10 different hats to choose from (and two beautiful kids).  That's my kind of thinkin'.  Way to go, mom! 

This is the first shot I finished and I just couldn't wait to post it, so here you go.  I'll be finishing and posting more shots over the next few days, so check back for updates!

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